1. How much will my basement cost to build?
Answer: Each basement is unique.  Cost is based on the amenities  you decide to put into your basement. The first step is to meet with us and let us give you a fixed price proposal for your basement.

2. How long will it take to finish my basement?
Answer:  This depends on the size and complexity of your basement. Your typical basement will take between 8 and 10 weeks to complete. We will provide you with a guaranteed completion date in the contract.

 3. What is your guaranteed completion date?
Answer: Basement Builders will guarantee a completion date in your contract. If we go over this date we will pay you $ 50 per business day.

 4. Do we need a permit?
Answer:  Yes.  We will be obtain all necessary permits and call for all necessary inspections pertaining to your county.  Many homeowners’ insurance companies will not provide coverage for jobs that are completed with out a permit.                                                 

5. Can I move my existing bathroom rough-in to a different location?
Answer: In most instances we can relocate or add a new rough –in for your bathroom or bar.

6.  Can I add a window or door to my basement?
Answer: Yes. In most instances we can add a window or door to your basement. If you you’re adding a bedroom you will need some type of egress. We can do this.

7. How does the finishing of my basement affect the value of my home?
Answer: Research shows that a professional finished basement greatly enhance the value of your home and the ability to sell when ready.

8. Is it dusty to have a basement finished?
Answer: Every construction is dusty, but the dust is generally confined to your basement. We take great measures to minimize the dust on the job. Your job will be sweep clean and debris removed upon workers leaving each day.


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Basement Builders © 2007. All rights reserved. Website Design: Red Robin Design, Inc.

Basement Builders © 2007. All rights reserved. Website Design: Red Robin Design, Inc.